There are many legal issues in running a company. It is important the contracts and agreements in place are working to adequately protect you and set the foundations for the success of your company.

We work with companies of all sizes and across all sectors. Our experienced lawyers can work with you on various commercial agreements such as:

  • Franchising Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Licence Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Agency Agreements

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Franchising Agreements

Whether you are a business owner or prospective franchisee looking to obtain a licence to run your business under a franchise’s brand, we can help. Our support includes reviewing, negotiating and drafting secure franchise agreements which clearly set out each party’s rights and obligations and protect your financial and commercial interests.

We also provide advice on quality control and maintaining standards as well as dispute resolution and termination advice.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements can be efficient and cost-effective ways to resolve employment disputes before they reach an Employment Tribunal. Typically, in return for a sum of money, an employee will agree to formally end their employment and waive any right to pursue their claim at an Employment Tribunal.

We provide advice to both employers and employees on settlement agreements, giving us specific insight into both sides of employment disputes. Our service includes settlement negotiations, contract drafting and review. We can also provide advice on the merits of any employment claim – be it a discrimination, unpaid wages, or dismissal claim – whilst keeping your commercial and financial interests in mind.

For further information on our employment services, please visit our Employment page.

Licence Agreements

We advise individuals and businesses on all types of licencing agreements, including intellectual property licences, business property licences, local authority licensing, trade mark licences, sponsorship agreements, publishing agreements, and franchise licences.

We work with a wide range of clients from sole traders, to start ups, to large national corporations. At all times we exercise skilled commercial sensitivity to achieve a result which promotes your business interests and enables you to operate your business smoothly. 

Terms and Conditions

Poorly drafted commercial contracts can cause significant issues for businesses, including unclear obligations between parties and difficulty resolving disputes amicably. This can cause significant time, expense, and potentially even reputational damage to the business if you are forced to go to court.

Our expert team of contract solicitors can advise you on the drafting and content of your business terms and conditions. With our assistance, you will have a robust contract which clearly sets out the relationship between you and the other party, whether they be a supplier, client, or customer, and minimises your risk of conflict down the line. Where any issues do arise, carefully drafted dispute resolution clauses will help you resolve the matter as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible.

Distribution Agreements

A distribution agreement is a vital contract which will allow you to distribute your products or services in another market or country without having to establish a new business presence within that area.

We have an in depth understanding of the law surrounding distribution agreements and can draft and/or review a bespoke contract tailored carefully to your individual needs.

Agency Agreements

Agencies can be vital to a business’s growth by providing it a bespoke service or helping it sell its products/services either on its behalf or by improving its reach.

Whether you are an agency or a principal business, we can provide pragmatic advice on agency agreements, ensuring all contracts comply closely with laws and regulations which govern such relationships.

Why choose Lewis Denley?

At Lewis Denley, our highly skilled commercial solicitors have considerable experience working with individuals and businesses of all structures and sizes, from sole traders and SMEs to large regional and national organisations.

Our first step will be to intimately get to know your business and any concerns or objectives you have. We will then tailor our approach to correspond with your individual needs, providing strategic market insight and innovative solutions to the most challenging of issues.

Our primary aim is to preserve your commercial and financial interests and we will vigorously progress all contract negotiations with your best interests in mind.

We understand how important costs certainty and value for money is for our clients and we are happy to discuss and agree fixed fees in the vast majority of cases.

Get in touch with our commercial contract solicitors in Horsham 

If you would like further information or advice on commercial agreements, contact us today by giving us a call at our offices in Horsham, West Sussex, or by emailing